Paintwork and Coving

Newly plastered walls require a little more preparation to get that silk-like feel and look, we use the same principal for re-painting by filling gaps and smoothing down, we assure you the results are fantastic and very precise.

1. Miss Coat (1st Preparation)
We apply white paint to the whole area that is to be painted, it provides a superb base coat and also highlights 'bad spots' so we can see what needs to be filled and sanded to make a totally flat surface



2. 2nd Prep
After the initial preparation has been applied, we use a bright light to highlight further imperfections that are again filled and sanded. This ensures your walls are perfectly smooth so your final paintwork looks amazing.



3. Finish
Finally we apply the final finish and 'cutting-in', so corners and edges are perfect with no overrun of paint.